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There are two basic types of retainers: removable and permanent. A retainer keeps your teeth from moving after they’ve been straightened with braces or aligners. When used as instructed, a retainer prevents your teeth from shifting and help protect the investment you have made in your smile.

There are 3 types of retainers:

  • Removable retainers
  • Permanent bonded retainers
  • Hawley retainers
There are pros and cons to each retainer type. Your dentist will recommend the best type for you based on your teeth and why you needed braces. But don’t forget to consider your preferences on the look and amount of time and effort you are willing to spend on it. You will most likely be using and maintaining your retainer for many months or years, so it’s important that you have the type of retainer that works best for you and that you’ll use as instructed.

Always bring your retainers to every dental appointment and have your dentist check the fit and effectiveness of your retainer. Should a replacement be needed, your dentist will discuss your options with you.

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