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What is a Sports Guard? Sport Guards, also known as Mouthguards, are worn over the top row of teeth during sports to help prevent injury and protect against broken teeth, cut lips, and other damage to the mouth. If you have braces or fixed dental appliances (such as a bridge) on the lower jaw, your dentist may suggest a mouth guard for these teeth as well. Mouthguards are an essential piece of athletic

Teeth grinding and clenching, also known as Bruxism, is pretty common and can be painful and destructive to teeth. Bruxism is fairly common and some may not even be aware of their own grinding. Some Bruxism symptoms you may suffer from are: Teeth grinding Waking up with dull headaches Jaw soreness Facial pain Fatigue from lack of sleep Occasional teeth grinding may not cause any real concerns, but long-term, consistent Bruxism can lead

Although bad breath is associated with certain diseases, poor oral hygiene is the most common cause. Bad breath is a common problem that can cause significant psychological distress. It is estimated that 1 in 4 people have bad breath on a regular basis. Potential causes of bad breath include: Use of tobacco Poor diet or crash diets Dry mouth Poor dental hygiene Use of drugs Certain medications Mouth, nose, and throat condition Foreign body in

Regular visits with the dental hygienist is essential for both your oral and overall health! Tartar and plaque build-ups can lead to tooth decay and gum disease when left unattended. Regular check-ups and cleanings can prevent many future problems. Key Benefits: Regular checkups can prevent gum disease Clean teeth and healthy gums Whiter smile Prevent cavities Reduce teeth sensitivity Freshen breath Exam and Hygiene What to expect: Your health is our priority. A 1.5